About the Team
Being endlessly curious passionate about people and business, Markus, Michael and Rob explored many cultures, ways of working, failures and successes across the world.
Now they take you "Beyond the Obvious" and share their amazing combined knowledge for your unlimited future success & growth.
Markus Keiper
Markus is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach and has been enabling over 1000 executives and managers to be at their best. He has been living and working in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, SEA, China and Singapore. His unique approach is to be an "EduVisor" and "PracAdemic" - combining his deep knowledge from academic research and practitioner roles as global Chief Marketing or Transformation Officer of Rolls-Royce Marine, Airbus, Mercedes-Benz and Start Ups. His multi-cultural experience makes him a perfect coach for executives working in a multinational environment.
Michael Alf
Michael Alf is an accomplished executive with global, regional and local roles in consulting, sales, business development, key account management, corporate management, digital transformation including Industry 4.0 and marketing for the past 30 years. He is also a certified High Performance Coach of the High Performance Institute.
Michael has combined his corporate expertise with his entrepreneurial experience in the field of digital and personal transformation, digital marketing and premium digital event management including the Metaverse.
Rob Thurner
Rob is a digital strategist and Executive Education specialist with expertise across the core transformation pillars: customer experience, data and AI, innovation and agile leadership.
However advanced the tech, its impact on the business still lies with the people. Committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences, Rob designs customised learning programs for business schools and academies like MIT, INSEAD, Cambridge Judge and Google Digital Academy. He brings extensive experience working across Europe and the Middle East with clients including Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, ARM Softbank, GSK, HSBC, Vodafone and VW.
He’s an author, blogger, and event host, deeply invested in digital marketing and transformation.

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