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Keynote speaking is available In-Person or Online from Australia via Singapore to Europe.
Michael Alf
Keynote Speaker, Panel Moderator
Michael is an experienced keynote speaker inspiring and motivating his audience by providing tangible insights and recommendations.
His main speaking topics:
  • Metaverse and Web3 - Beginning of a new Era
  • B2B Metaverse Marketing
  • Leadership and High-Performance in the Digital Age
  • Future of Work - Risk & Opportunities of a Distributed Workforce
Markus Keiper
University Professor, EduVisor
Markus l is an experienced keynote speaker, facilitator, program director and lecturer from three Business Schools.
He has inspired his audiences around the world by providing tangible insights and recommendations across many cultures.
His success is based on real stories from industry success and failures leading to immediate application of your new knowledge.
Speaking, Keynotes and Panel-Moderations
Feedback from our clients
Loved having you at our conference đŸ‘đŸ»
A huge shoutout and special thanks to our speaker Michael at the Blockchain Conference 2.0 in 11/2022.
Mahmoud Jawwad
A charismatic speaker
Michael hosted a workshop in our company, which gave us all definitely an eye-opening experience how consulting business will be disrupted by technology in the future. It was enjoyable to participate as Michael is also a charismatic speaker. Thank you for the experience!
Mariel Aim
Incredibly knowledgable 🚀
I sat in on a talk by Michael recently on Digital Literacy and found him to be incredibly knowledgable. His technique on delivering information made it easy to understand, his theories were very useful and his presentation was fantastic.
Claudia Buttazzoni
Mesmerizes participants
"Markus mesmerizes participants through his emotional and intellectual story telling. His sharing of real work experiences allows future leaders to connect to the frameworks and create their own story. Highly impactful and recommended!"
Prof. Jochen W., NUS Business School
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