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Digital Transformation 3.0
Together, we have 60 years exectuive experience in about a dozen countries in the world - with a focus on B2B and Software/Services.
We combine this experience with extensive entrepreneurial, coaching and digital background to deliver a contribution to your company´s future success that creates real impact and helps you conquer the digital transformation in the era of the Metaverse and Web3 which we call Digital Transformation 3.0.
During the last years, we've helped 100+ businesses to achieve future growth and resilience.
The CHAMP model is a result of 100’s of client hours, testing and redefining what works for organisations in the 2020’s.
Our world has dramatically changed since 2019. What we need is less theory and more practical solutions.
Or, can we combine both?
That is, what we do: bring the best from academic research and state-of-the-art applications to you.
Test it. Adopt it. Grow it. Now.
Our broad global expertise is boiled down to the highest possible impact in our work with our clients.
Even for our coprorate work and roles, people are in the center of our work. We believe in a people-driven digital transformation.
The new world gets more complex than ever. Digital Transformation gets additional perspectives with Web3 and Metaverse accelerating your need to adapt.
We work with you on a determined engagement to help you define or adjust your strategy and move your organisation forward.
Executive and Leadership Coaching
We know from 60+ years of combined experience how important it is to support the next generations of leaders on their path.
This includes leadership experience and extends to principles of high performance and a solid understanding of the digital landscape.
We offer to work in tailored programs with your company.
Board Advisory
Sometimes, you only need an indpendent challenging mind on your advisory board that helps steering the ship in the right direction.
We specialise on the impact of metaverse and web3 in your next wave of Digital Transformation.

CHAMP Awareness Workshop
Would you benefit from increasing your internal awareness of the key topic of Web3 and Metaverse utilising our CHAMP framework?
It is specifically aimed at the various management levels and also practitioners in marketing, sales, communications, operations, finance and other functions.
We remove the obvious fluff and buzz words and help the team get a grip on the topics.
CHAMP Enabler Workshop
This is for companies who know and understand how important Web3 and Metaverse in the context of today´s digital transformation are and who want to get started with "something" useful which might not be obvious utilising our CHAMP framework to dive deeper.
Together, we define a scope and use cases that fits to your company´s situation, budget and mentality and is a key step on an overall roadmap.

CHAMP Strategy Workshop(s)
This is for companies who have either taken first steps and gathered initial experiences or for companies who understand how relevant it is to have an integrated (digital) strategy including aspects of Metaverse and Web3. This work fully leverages the CHAMP framework.
Because our origins are in the classical corporate world (and Web2), we understand both sides and can help the company to bridge the gaps and transition to the future.
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"The CHAMP framework is very useful in combining the balanced score card with the Metaverse. We apply it to define our Leadership 4.0 priorities and measure our progress in the CHAMP dimensions."
Government Client
Saudi Arabia

I worked with Michael Alf and his team for the organisation of the EU Green Week 2020 virtual conference; the task was to create a virtual platform in a matter of weeks. The stakes were high and thanks to Michael's professionnalism and broad experience, the event was a remarkable success.

Petra Gherasim
EU Greenweek
"The real case studies from his vast experience at multinational corporations are the highlight of Markus' seminars and courses. He is able to connect the real life of leaders going through change management and transformation with the needs of our organisation. It was amazing how Markus enabled us to step out of the seminar and be ready for action - which is very different to most other courses I attended. Highly recommended!"
R. Alarfaj,
Commercial Director at SAMI, Advanced Electronics Company
Saudi Arabia
"Markus is a great leader and always inspired me with his energy and passion for all projects he undertook. He has been a mentor to me ever since we first worked together and I have a learned a lot from him. He is a visionary and excels at handling teams. He is an expert in Strategy and Marketing and would be an asset to any organisation. I had a great time working with him."
Siddhant Gupta,
VP Global Energy Hexagon