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Individual Digital Transformation
We love working with individuals! For us, teams and individual leaders in teams have always been at the center of our work.
From the armed forces to Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Capgemini to our own companies, the team and the individual contributors were always most important.
And more than ever, we believe in the power of the crowd and learning from like-minded individuals.
Become part of the community today or start working with us!
As truly global citizens, we believe in the power of a global network.
We invite you to become part of this and network with like-minded inviduals and benefit from the latest insights into global trends and developments beyond the obvious information you get from LinkedIn or public media.
Both Markus and Michael are well connected in Asia, Europe and Australia and love sharing their experiences with their community.
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If you want to work with us now, we offer individual coaching services on a very selected basis.
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"High Performance" Coaching with Michael
Maintaining High Performance has never been more important for leaders, executives and entrepreneurs than in today’s fast changing digital world. But do you know what holds you back from increasing your high performance?
Michael got certified as a High Performance Coach by the High Performance Institute in 2017 and has worked with numerous individuals and groups since then.
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Power-Package Coaching
with Markus and Michael
If you want to work with both of us, please apply for this exclusive 3-way session.
We handpick members of this power-package as it gets our full focus and creates the highest intensity and progress.

"PracAdemic" Coaching
with Markus
Markus is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach and has been enabling over 1000 executives and managers to be at their best. Benefit from his unique "PracAdemic" approach, giving you the fastest and most applicable coaching success.
His multi-cultural experience makes him a perfect coach for executives working in a multinational environment.
Connect with Markus for a free get-to-know call by clicking the button below.
“Succeeding beyond standard norms over the long term,
while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.”
- High Performace Institue
"My perspectives have broadened and I have become much more open to new ideas because of the program. Also, because of the excellent course material, I still have the opportunity to review and correct my perspective after the fact. I highly recommend this program and working with Michael."
Michael Schmidt,
CEO purpleview GmbH
“It would be a disservice of both Michael and Markus, not to offer their incredible depth of knowledge and cultural experiences to the ones who truly want to grow.”
- Chris, Entrepreneur
Frequently asked questions
What is the length of a single consultancy session?
Every session can be between 60-90 minutes, depending on your needs and package.
Can you help in my particular case?
This is where we excel: We speak from experience and 60+ years hands-on implementation around the globe. No theory, just NOW!
How do you treat my information?
Of course, we comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.
And, we also treate your information confidential, so much that we not even share client information between us.